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Handcrafted with Perfection

Perfect for creating a warm glow in your home

Lofthouse Beeswax Candles is a locally owned business in Haliburton, Ontario that makes many styles of beeswax candles. We sell these candles at the Haliburton Farmer's Market and selected retail stores as well as to customers in many countries.


We started the business in 2016. With more than 50 years of experience in the beekeeping industry, we take pride in producing quality beeswax candles and providing customers with individual and personal service.


Meet  the Owner

Ron Lofthouse has been a beekeeper for more than five decades. This gave him the good fortune of observing bees 'up close and personal', a truly amazing experience. In addition to honey, the bees produce many products including beeswax, from which we craft our quality candles .

How We Do It

Using a variety of molds and pouring techniques, we create a variety of different sizes and shapes of beeswax candles. Our wicks come from a factory in Kentucky, which has been making candlewicks for seven generations. We use these long-burning 100% cotton wicks in various sizes depending on the candles we are making.

Children's Book

Oliver and the Bee



$20. each

What Our Customers are saying

I have purchased Lofthouse candles for the past few years as Christmas gifts for both family and staff. They are always very popular and everyone appreciates the unique designs and the lovely beeswax aroma. Ron packages them up nicely and has timely delivery. With the wide variety of sizes and shapes available I recommend them as the perfect gift for everyone.

Sandi Luck,Millhouse Designs,Haliburton, ON




Ron's candles are superb - they burn evenly and last a long time. They are a favourite gift shop purchase at the Haliburton Highlands Museum, with visitors often commenting on their delightful fragrance. We know that Ron's candles have traveled from our gift shop to many corners of the world and they're being enjoyed wherever they are!

Kate Butler,Haliburton County Museum,





I have to say there are only positive things to say about your beautiful candles! The smell is so divine just sitting in the vicinity of one of them is a balm for the soul. They are so long lasting, I put it on in the evenings before bed for a little bit of bliss before sleep. None of the usual toxic stuff you get with modern candles and added artificial aromas, these well made solid beeswax candles are a heavenly whiff of the hills and woods in my own home.

Thank you!

Gittele Schlaff





I enjoy the sweet aroma of honey while burning my beautiful Lofthouse beeswax candle. It burns so lovely and the cotton wick creates such a steady flame. These candles are also long lasting, which gives me hours of enjoyment. I highly recommend them!

Christine Hewitt

Minden, ON





I burn a Lofthouse candle every night. I like the smell and the beautiful soft light it casts.

Erin Lynch




Ron’s candles create a beautiful, aromatic, and sensual calm.

Oliver Zielke

Haliburton, ON




They really burn good eh!

Brad Parker

Haliburton, ON



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    All Natural, Handcrafted  Beeswax Candles

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